JULY 26 & 27, 2013
Teach, inspire and change the future . . .

The Piccola Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze is the junior arm of the Accademia di Gagliato. Each summer since, it offers children between the ages of 5 and 14 the opportunity to achieve an understanding and appreciation for nanotechnology and its applications. It is a central part of the mission of the Accademia di Gagliato of to help people understand how nanoscale science can change their world for the better.

On this website you'll find more resources to continue this adventure throughout the year.

Our collaboration with the NISE Network continues
The NISE network NanoDays program was the inspiration for the 2010 Piccola Accademia. This collaboration fostered the first ever Italian NanoDays! Our annual festivalintroduces our junior academicians to the world of nanoscale science with engaging games and activities.

Piccola 2014
July, 2014! Email us for more information: pmferrari@sbcglobal.net

Piccola 2013
The 2013 session of the Piccola Accademia hosted 15 scientists from the United States and Europe, and 70 children for a day filled with wonder and inspiration.

NISE network

Nanopiccola The Movie

Watch Nanopiccola 2010, filmed by Charles-Antoine de Rouvre and with the music of The Nuovi Angeli.

The Piccola Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze